Saving lives 

If a cow cannot stand up, then it is usually only a matter of time before it will give up the will to live and pass away. When a cow is down, the critical step to take is to help it stand up. This is important so that its own body weight doesn’t put pressure on its organs, and to ensure it is able to receive proper veterinary care. The process of lifting up a downed cow and holding it in that position is very difficult and requires people and resources.  People who care about cows go to all sorts of lengths to hire laborers, buy materials and take turns trying to rehabilitate the cow while its condition improves. Others sell the cows to slaughterhouses.

The bottom line is – the sooner we help the cow stand up, the greater its chances of recovery. This is where Cow Lifting Equipment have proved to be invaluable miracle aid. These machines enable people to act quickly to help a downed cow stand up and be tended to, without the need for additional labor or supplies, immensely improving and almost guaranteeing its chance of recovery. More importantly, these machines become life-savers for cows in surrounding areas.

By Mahaperiyava’s grace and overwhelming support from donors, we have donated Cow Lifting Equipment so far that are stationed in key locations across Tamil Nadu, and routinely help at least cows every week in their surrounding areas.