Vedic Education

As Sri Maha Periyavaa’s entire Avataram was primarily dedicated to resurrection and renewing Vedhic way of living, He has repeatedly emphasized how supporting Veda Patasalas constitutes the single most important Dharmic Kaingaryam for all beings because all the great Vaidheekas we are blessed with today had had their origins of training in one of these Vedhic Patasalas.  Without these Patasalas, the world would lose its most important treasure: the Vedhic knowledge.  For ages, Maharishis and Vedhic Pundits have made enormous personal sacrifices to teach, train and disseminate Vedhas to subsequent generations.  Sri Maha Periyava has stressed that the least contribution by those who have not studied Vedhas themselves would be to support Vedha Patasalas.  All temples would become simple museums and would eventually whither away without Vedhas and without Vedha patasalas there would be no Vaidheekas who protect Vedhas and pass them on to the next generation.

Helping Vaidheekas and Shivachaariyaars:  Vaidheekas, Shivachariyars and Sri Vaishnavachaariyars constitute essential pillars in supporting  the Sanatana Dharmic way of life in Bharat and all over the world, including the United States of America. Several Vaidheekas and most Shivachariyaars and Sri Vaishnavachaariyars outside large cities face enormous economic and other challenges even to lead a minimalistic life such as just obtaining essentials for themselves and their families. Sri Maha Periyava and HH Sri Kanchi Periyavas have instituted several schemes and undertaken many steps over past several decades to identify and help such pillars of Sanatana Dharma.  However, considering the enormity of this need, KGP Foundation would strive to fulfill the role of a proverbial “squirrel in the service of Lord Rama building the Sethu to Lanka.”

Support Vaidheeka kaingaryams such as Vaidheeka Yengas, functions, celebrating events related to Sri Kanchi Guruparampara, and other related Vaidheeka events designed to promote Lokhakshemam (happiness and peace to all beings in the world).

Support renovation of dilapidated Hindu Temples – this is one of the  areas where our government fails to do its job that results in the shivacharyas/bhattars/vaishnavachayas that have been associated with those temples for generations. Renovating these temples not only brings the divinity back in the society but also helps those vedic families associated with them.

Help promote awareness and a culture of inclusive Vedhic way of life among all beings, thus leading to happiness and peace to all beings all over the world.