Support for Poor & Needy Support

In spiritual cultures of the past, providing support to a seeker on the path has always been considered of paramount importance. Annadanam – the offering of food – is an ancient and beautiful expression of this ethos.

“Annadhaanam” or the charity of giving food is the only charity that completely satisfies the beneficiary. When we donate land, houses, cash, clothes or jewels, the beneficiary will never be satisfied how much ever we give him. Only when a person is consuming food, he cannot do so beyond a certain limit. Even if we offer him more food, he begs us to stop. He is satisfied; his stomach is full. When a person expresses such a kind of complete satisfaction, the donor gets the full benefit of the charity he has performed. It is food that keeps a body and soul together. Hence came the ancient saying that a person who gives food gives life itself. – Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal

KGF as a non-profit organization is involved in a variety of projects and undertakings, the aim of which is the physical, social and spiritual upliftment of all. To sustain these endeavors, the most fundamental aspect is food. Through KGF,  we support across these areas:


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