Nitya Puja Support

Tamil Nadu (TN) is home to 79,154 temples. Today in Tamilnadu 11,999 temples dying without a single pooja taking place. 34,000 temples struggling with less than Rs 10,000 a year. 37,000 temples have just one person for pooja, maintenance,security etc! Leave temples to devotees. East India Company not just stole the wealth of our Nation but also enslaved and suffocated our spirituality by taking over Temples. If governments must manage Temples, they must declare that they are Theocratic, not Democratic. Temples are the soul of Tamil community in Tamil Nadu. Towns were built with Temple as the main feature. Today, we have Sarkari souls, systematic suffocation.

Did you know? In Democratic secular India a whole community is not free to manage their own places of worship – enslaved to successive governments inspired by East India Company of the Yore. 

Thousands of Temples in TN are moving towards dilapidation depicting neglect & apathy, not Devotion & Sacrifice. UNESCO report says “historic Tamil Nadu temples falling into decay”. Shameful.

The net result of this is on the priests who work in these places – they dont have any revenue – worst was during Covid, even the meagre few hundreds of rupees they were getting went away for 2 years – the hardship they had to put was beyond words. In many places, even though the priests are willing to do their job, there is no financial support even for daily puja to deities.

KGF has been supporting few temples to run smoothly by providing priest salary, providing oil etc for the temple.

    • Monthly support for 3 Gurukkal + 1 bhattacharya support
    • Support for gurukkal @Vilangudi
    • Nithya puja for Kodimangalam Sivan Kovil
    • Kanchi Matam Temple support
    • Monthly salary for few Sri Matam Puja Room staff