Nitya Agnihotri Support

Being an agnihotri is like being a saint. It is a life completely dedicated to vedamata and it not just one person – the entire family. The routine for these families start as early as 5 PM and go till late night – 365 days.  These vaideekas can’t and dont go outside for earning money by doing some event like any other Sastrigal you see. They go through all these hardship to do yagnams regularly only for the benefit of the humanity (Loka kshemam).

Our acharyas regard them very highly and provide their wishes and support possible. However it is our responsibility too support them to sustain this rare and dwindling tradition.

We have supported at least 10 agnihotris so far, although not on monthly fashion for their yagna related expenses. This is one of the areas that KGF wants to increase the support