Vaideeka Sambhavanai

Saṃbhāvanā (संभावना) means honor. In our loukeeka world, we are paid for the work we do – they “pay” us. When it comes to vaideeka, it is called honoring. Why? Aren’t they doing their job that we hired him for and paying them for what they do? No. 

In our culture, having a vaideeka to visit our place itself is considered auspicious and a blessing. They are not just some folks who come and conduct some ritual and go. They enlighten us with the knowledge on brahman itself. The rituals that they conduct is mostly to purify our mind, thoughts and progress towards self-realization. When such a noble task is conducted, they need to be honored. Even today, many vaideekas do not ask for a specific amount for such service – they will leave it up to the yajamanan to pay as per their yathāśakti (यथाशक्ति) – meaning as per their affordability. 

Vaideekas today in India conducts many many vedic events/rituals with only one saṃkalpa (संकल्प) of Lokakṣema (लोकक्षेम) refers to the “welfare of the world”. All these yagnas are so powerful that is protecting us from several calamities.It is everyone’s responsibility to honor these vaideekas by contributing to these events in whatever way possible – it could be by giving money, or buying them vastram, वस्त्रम्, milk, ghee, etc that are needed for the ritual. 


Firstly, supporting Vedic Brahmins helps ensure the continuity of Vedic rituals and ceremonies. These rituals, performed with meticulous precision and deep spiritual understanding, are integral to the Hindu religious tradition. By supporting Brahmins, the practice of these rituals can be sustained, maintaining the connection between individuals and their spiritual roots.

Secondly, Vedic Brahmins are repositories of ancient wisdom and knowledge. They have dedicated their lives to studying the Vedas, Upanishads, and other sacred texts, acquiring deep insights into philosophy, cosmology, ethics, and spirituality. By supporting them, we enable the preservation and dissemination of this profound knowledge, which has the potential to inspire and guide individuals in their spiritual quest and personal development.

Furthermore, supporting Vedic Brahmins helps foster a sense of cultural identity and pride. Brahmins have historically been entrusted with the responsibility of upholding and propagating the Vedic tradition. By providing them with support and recognition, we acknowledge the value and significance of this ancient lineage, contributing to the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Lastly, supporting Vedic Brahmins can have a positive socioeconomic impact. Many Brahmins face financial challenges due to the traditional nature of their occupation. By extending financial assistance, educational opportunities, and access to resources, we empower them to lead dignified lives while continuing their vital roles as custodians of the Vedic tradition.

In conclusion, supporting Vedic Brahmins is essential for safeguarding our spiritual and cultural heritage, preserving ancient wisdom, maintaining the continuity of Vedic rituals, and fostering a sense of cultural identity. By recognizing their contributions and providing them with the necessary support, we contribute to the enrichment of society as a whole.

KGF through its partner, Shree Shivaarpanam Trust, supports:

  1. Sivan Sar Aradhana Vaideeka sambhavanai
  2. Mahaperiyava Jayanthi/Aradhana vaideeka Sambhavanai
  3. Varna Krama Parayanam – monthly 6 days @Chidambaram
  4. Paksha Parayanam @Chidambaram
  5. Veda Parayanam for all kumbabishekams conducted by mami
  6. Orikkai Manimandapam Samhitai Parayanam with vidyarthis
  7. Few Jata parayanams in a year for different religious days